Data and evidence

We use data and evidence to inform our planning and decision making

Desktop with computer and papers showing data and graphs

National data and locally gathered evidence on the health of our population, continues to be the bedrock on which our work is based.

We regularly gather, sift and analyse data on prevalent and emerging health needs to inform our planning for additional or improved services and future workforce requirements.

The use of data and evidence informs strategic and real-time investment decisions and the evaluation of programs and services. It also provides the knowledge we use to generate health service innovations and system reform across our region.

Every three years, Murray PHN conducts a major Health Needs Assessment with expert analysis, supported by community consultation. To see our most recent Health Needs Assessment, visit the key documents page of our website.

In addition, commissioned service providers regularly report data back to Murray PHN, which helps both us and them to monitor, track and discuss performance, such as the levels of service access and demand. General practice data helps identify quality improvement activities and enables comparisons to national averages on quality improvement measures.

PHN Exchange is a data platform that gathers information from multiple sources and presents an integrated view for health planners, health providers and PHN staff to access.

Last Update: May 21st, 2024