Chronic disease

Funding primary care services for people living with chronic disease including diabetes education, dietetics, podiatry and chronic disease nursing

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The Murray PHN Needs Assessment identified chronic disease as a key priority for communities across the Murray PHN region. Evidence shows that service coordination and integration are vital to achieving positive health outcomes for people with chronic conditions, who often require healthcare from multiple providers. Challenges in navigating local and broader health systems have also been identified for consumers with complex care needs.

Murray PHN Chronic Disease Management funding focuses on two priority areas:

  • Integrated Chronic Disease Management (CDM): supports the delivery and integration of evidence-based models of care for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic cardiovascular conditions (primarily chronic heart failure) and/or diabetes mellitus
  • Health System Navigation: connects and assists local refugee communities to access the health services and supports needed for client-centred care of complex chronic diseases.

Murray PHN programs

Integrated Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

Murray PHN currently funds 28 providers who deliver CDM primary care services including diabetes education, dietetics, podiatry, chronic disease nursing and community-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Two providers currently offer services for refugee communities with complex care needs:

HealthPathways and CDM

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Last Update: May 16th, 2024