My Health Record is a national system, that provides a secure online summary of an individual’s health information.

Authorised healthcare professionals can both access and add information about their patients, such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports.

My Health Record can provide immediate access to key health information, that has proven important in times of emergency. It can validate clinical information, help avoid adverse medication events and duplication of tests. It can also help to improve continuity of care and inform end-of-life care.

Whether you work as an allied health practitioner, pharmacist, doctor, nurse or specialist, My Health Record can provide you with better access to healthcare information to support you in caring for your patients. To learn more about My Health Record visit the website or access more information and resources below.

Training and resources

Webinars and online training

The Australian Digital Health Agency offers numerous educational opportunities for a range of professions including community health, pharmacy, emergency department, general practice and nursing staff.

How we can help

Murray PHN’s digital health team has resources to assist healthcare providers connect to the My Health Record system and can help with education and training to use the system effectively. Email for support.

Last Update: May 16th, 2024