When a new practitioner joins a healthcare service often 10–15 different forms, with very similar information, need to be completed to update partners. These partners must also be notified when a practitioner leaves a healthcare service.

Provider Connect Australia™ is an initiative of the Australian Digital Health Agency, which provides a free and single place for health organisations to update business information and services. It automatically updates National Health Service Directory listings and sends information to registered business partners of choice, such as funders (e.g. PHNs and Medicare), nominated private and public hospitals, pathology and radiology services, public service directories and secure messaging providers.

Provider Connect Australia™ not only reduces duplication and the administrative burden but ensures patients have access to the information they need when they need it. 

As well as saving time, reducing human error and removing the hassle of filling out multiple forms, other benefits are said to include, helping to ensure that hospital discharge summaries, including treatment plans and progress notes, get to the right person as quickly as possible.

How Provider Connect works

Officially launched in 2023, after a trial period, Provider Connect Australia™ creates unique identifiers for healthcare services, service delivery locations and practitioners’ service delivery roles, allowing these to be reliably identified and linked securely across the healthcare system. These unique identifiers complement existing national identifiers for healthcare provider organisations and individuals.

To learn more:

Register for Provider Connect

Visit the Provider Connect Australia™ website to read the pre-registration checklist, register and set up your organisation, link your organisation to business partners and maintain details as appropriate.

For support

If you have any questions or require assistance, email pca@digitalhealth.gov.au or phone The Australian Digital Health Agency Help Centre on 1300 901 001 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. For anything else contact Murray PHN’s digital health team e: digitalhealth@murrayphn.org.au

Last Update: May 28th, 2024