Health Voices

Have your say in improving health outcomes and services in your area

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To help us plan health service and system improvements in the communities where it’s needed most, we need to hear from as many local people as possible. By listening to Health Voices and better identifying the health gaps and needs of our communities, we can work to address these issues and ensure that the primary healthcare system is as effective, efficient and equitable as possible for people.

What is a Health Voice

Health Voices is an online community, who receive surveys from time-to-time. They are asked to answer some simple questions about their experiences of and ideas for the health system. Usually, we ask about a specific health topic, such as digital health, mental health and chronic disease. Surveys can be completed anonymously.

Who should register for Health Voices

Anyone aged 10 to 110 who lives in or borders our region – from Mildura down to Woodend, across to Seymour and up to Albury NSW – whether they work in or receive local medical services, can register to be a Health Voice.

By registering you will help us to understand the things that make access to health services difficult for you or someone you care for. What is working well (or not) at a health service you use, along with your ideas for improvements.

How to register to be a Health Voice

Answer just four simple questions in the online form:

Note that your email service may identify our emails as spam or promotions. Be sure to check your folders after subscribing and add us to your safe senders list.

We would appreciate if you could encourage your friends, family, work mates and networks to register and share their thoughts and experiences with us too.

Last Update: May 15th, 2024