We commission services to address population health needs and gaps, and improve access and equity

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Our work in primary healthcare takes place in a complex environment shaped by changing policy and social landscapes. Commissioning allows us to consider a wider range of processes, skills and capabilities than by procurement and contracting alone. Through it, priorities and decisions in funding are informed by regional planning and regional input, shifting from purchasing services and funding them on the basis of usage to designing unique models of patient care, investing for population health outcomes, improved service coordination, system integration and value for money. To learn more, read Murray PHN’s Commissioning Framework (Version 3, September 2023).

Since PHNs began in 2015, Murray PHN has been moving towards a relational commissioning approach, which emphasises mutual strategies and priorities, along with strong engagement, trust and communication to achieve quality outcomes from programs, projects and services. You can read more in Murray PHN Relational Commissioning.


Murray PHN tenders are published on eProcure. Health service providers interested in hearing about and responding to tender opportunities are encouraged to register. Registration is free. When registering, ensure you click the ‘classification link’ appropriate to the types of health services you are interested in applying for. If you experience difficulties call eProcure on 1800 377 628.

Folio contract reporting

In 2019, Murray PHN invited commissioned services to use Folio, which is our centralised contract management system. The secure system allows the automation of two-way reporting, providing a more robust system to analyse and evaluate the achievements of contracts, projects and activities, and ultimately improving how we do business with our providers through streamlining, consolidating and reducing much of our reporting requirements.

A portal to easily access Folio has been provided in the top menu of our website.

Provider resources

Workplan and budget: Guide for completion instructional video

If you need help completing the template, please refer to the instructions document.


If service providers require assistance with queries, email

Last Update: June 14th, 2024